Wojtek Kosior

Gospel despite lack of enthusiasm


At the end of today's Lectio Divina I had one thought which — as I decided — could be made into a post. Here it is.

One does not always feel God's Love. Whoever you are, there happen moments when you are down in the dumps. Sometimes there are even more such moments than there are the "good" ones. And so sometimes, when I'd like to do more good in my life, take up some ambitious initiative connected to praising the Creator (like street evangelization which still feels strongly unnatural to me), the lack of enthusiasm acts as a blocking factor. Of course, it is possible to "force" oneself to do something. But if I don't feel God's Love in a given moment, such external initiatives that aim towards increasing His Glory will be artificial and not very fruitful.

What can be done, then? Of course, It'd be great to first and focus on the actual Love of God. But besides this, I am starting to think it is perhaps possible to somehow make use those negative feelings. Such as discouragement. And do it in some creative way. What I mean is that when I feel discouraged, I shall not be able to tell others with authentic enthusiasm about how great the God is. But perhaps I could instead tell someone for example about my everyday's decision to trust the God despite the discouragement etc.? And if this is authentic, it might turn out to also have no worse results than those coming from equally authentic, direct talking about the God's greatness.

It was this day that I started being a bit down in the dumps. How to make it into an advantage? I decided writing a blog post about it would be a reasonable way. And a simple one, too — without the risk of leaving the work complete in half and putting it aside for "some other time". And I can also use this opportunity to improve the koszko.org site so that addition of subsequent posts goes more efficiently.