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Sincere request

To free software hackers To catholics and other christians
*nonbelievers *choosing proprietary programs

You want people to appreciate libre software and choose it, for their own good and society's? You consider hurtful that most people are very irresponsible and in every field rely on proprietary tools, without showing even a tiny bit of initiative to verify whether those are truly good for them? Perhaps you also met with snubbing of logical argumentation?

Many catholics feel likewise seeing people leaving Church and dedicated atheists responding to any miracle reports with conspiracy theories to undermine them. And we just want good for you - so that you can be truly happy and - put simply - eventually go to Heaven.

Friends, show the life responsibility we expect from others and seriously verify if, perhaps, what Church has been saying for 2000 years is true.

As christians we strive to live well and responsibly. As christians we consider sharing a good thing. Have you heard of free/libre software? It is a concept that should be extremely popular among christians. But currently this is not the case. Why most of us are not trying to build a responsible society that would utilize technology in a sensible manner so that it is being controlled by human and not the opposite? Why instead of encouraging others to share code catholics so often release their own as proprietary, resulting in its user being thrown on their mercy?

We don't like ignoring? Let's not ignore ourselves. Snubbing is bad? Let us not snub. We want the Church to be independent? Then shall we in the first place stop relying on devices, software and services which take away freedom.

Please 🥺

I've been told the above is too general and someone who's not aware of what I wrote about shall not understand it. If you indeed have no idea what I wrote about, feel free to utilize a search engine and/or Wikipedia to learn more.