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This portal of mine is online since april 2021. Sites comprising it are listed below.

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Personal message to the world

Since 2023-04-20 I am praying Our Lady of Pompeii Novena for the digital freedom in my country, Poland. Everyone is invited to join and start praying for other countries. You can also share my post on Fediverse.

Why? The solely material efforts of the Free Software Movement so far gave little effect — the bulk of today's society instead of using ethical technologies (PeerTube, Mastodon, GNU+Linux) drowns in centralized platforms like Facebook and YouTube and in proprietary software like Windows. As we can see, volunteer work and advocacy done by many have proved insufficient. I now want to take example from history where — for example — simple "Hail Mary"'s of the rosary saved Austria from communist rule in 1955.

Earlier on this place used to be displayed my double request — to software freedom enthusiast and to all Christians so that they seriously consider what the other ones have to say. That request was also a bit of a brickbat and I am happy to have had changed it for something better and more constructive. If you nevertheless want to, you can still find the old text in the Wayback Machine.